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RayZr's Edge

About Us

Old school gamers with a passion.

We found ourselves without a server to play on far to often. For one reason or another they went offline. It's easy to open the launcher and select a server then click join. We want to build a community. A community of gamers that enjoy not only the game but the interactions, friendships and rivalries. That's what Supreme and RayZr's (Raymon) Idea has become. And we thank you for being a part of it!!

We are currently running DayZ servers

Our Servers

We Bring Together A Collection Of Mods To Enhance Gameplay And Quality of Life Aspects Of The Game

Advanced Groups

Provides an in game map with server markers, player markers and event markers. Offer group/clan support

Land and Air Vehicles

We run Red Falcon Heliz, some Rag vehicles. As well as miscellaneous vehicles

Experience Enhancers

Zen sleep, Unlimited run, Instant up plot poles, Base building plus, Keycard doors ... and many more

Owner funded,
always free to play

Our Community

How we blend it together



Our website offer a way for those, who for one reason or another, do not have discord. Our website will offer support option, guides and rules. As well as various information to keep our community in the know. 



Discord is the main source of support and live action logs from our game server(s). Most information, guides, announcements will originate from discord before being migrated over to the website. The ticketing system in place on discord is the best option to get support, as it is the easiest to monitor.


Game Server

Our game servers are obviously the hub of our community. We run a DayZ server. We are in the development phase of adding more servers. We are working to offer PVP, PVE and Vanilla Hardcore  servers.

Need Help? Open a ticket. (Website support coming soon)