Why Rules, what for?

Rules are a set of instructions and consequences that are established to help individuals, and whole communities, live, work and play together harmoniously.

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

Core Rules, these rules apply to all RayZr's Edge media sources, sites and servers.

  1. No Spam or flooding the chat or forms with messages. Do not type in ALL CAPS. No bashing or heated arguments to other people in the chat.
  2. No adult (18+), explicit, NSFW or controversial material or messages.
  3. No racism, bullying or degrading content.
  4. No excessive cursing or inappropriate language
  5. No advertising.
  6. No referral links.
  7. No offensive names and profile pictures.
  8. Don’t share illegal or pirated content, links to or chat about.
  9. No sharing or distributing hacks, cheats, or other unauthorized tools or services

Rules are important as families and citizens have to live their lives in a happy but safe state. Some aspects of why rules are important are: to maintain civil behaviour, be organised, more harmony in the community

Website Rules

Website Rules

Discord Rules

1) Be respectful
This means no mean, rude, or harassing comments. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

2) No inappropriate language
Use of profanity should be kept to a reasonable minimum. Any derogatory language towards any user is prohibited. Swearing is permitted in casual channels only, while the official help and code channels should be kept free of any profane language.

3) No spamming
Do not send a lot of small messages right after each other. These disrupt chat and make it hard to scroll through the server. Please keep your messages at least 5 words long while chatting.

4) No pornographic/adult/other NSFW material
The idea behind the server is to provide a safe place for us to share art, videos, and other kinds of creative material – not to share the aforementioned NSFW material.

5) No advertisements
No invasive advertising, whether it be for other communities or streams. You can post your content in the media channel if it’s relevant and provides actual value for the community.

6) No offensive names and profile pictures
Keep your names and profile picture appropriate.

7) Threats are forbidden
Threats are prohibited and disallowed. 

8) Follow the Discord Community Guidelines
Respect the general Discord Community guidelines.

9) Do not join voice chat channels without permission of the people already in there
If you see that they have a free spot it is alright to join and ask whether they have an open spot, but leave if your presence is not wanted by whoever was there first.

10) Don’t share your personal information
Do not share your personal information or the personal information of other users without their consent. This includes phone numbers, addresses, and any other sensitive information.

11) Don’t share illegal or pirated content
Do not share links to illegal or pirated content, such as copyrighted material or stolen software. This is against the Discord terms of service and can result in a ban from the server.

12) Follow the channel-specific guidelines
Each channel in your server should have specific guidelines for the type of content that is allowed. Make sure to follow these guidelines and respect the purpose of each channel.

13) No sharing or distributing hacks, cheats, or other unauthorized tools or services
Sharing or distributing hacks, cheats, or other unauthorized tools or services is strictly prohibited on the server.

14) No sharing or distributing viruses or malicious software
Sharing or distributing viruses or malicious software can harm the server and its members, and is therefore strictly prohibited.

Game Server Rules

The general game server rules

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